Local, Sustainable Renovations, Rooted in Craftsmanship and Cultural Heritage

All types of construction and renovation working with the best engineers and architects people with experience. Professional and ethical standards. Are you looking for the best property renovation and in the Marbella Costa Region? Look no further! our team at Marbella Mediterranean Properties and gardens is here to provide you with Top-Notch service. We take care of all the important details like price, value, length of service, ensuring that your renovation and custom build home project is crated to perfection and tailored to your unique taste.

To improve energy consumption, the Spanish government stated that property buyers should have access to a rating that shows how energy-efficient their homes are. Most of Marbella’s luxury projects have the first 3 (out of 7) EPC ( Energy Performance Certificate) – green C, B and A class. Employing solar panels and aero thermal energy contributed to keeping the new developments carbon footprint to a minimum.

We will always source local building materials that can be used with out having an adverse effect on the environment and which are produced locally reducing the need to travel. The cost of sustainable construction is often comparable to that of conventional building materials an in some cased it can be more cost-effective. We work with in the local communities and employ local trade men and contractors for all our projects for Marbella and the Costa de sol.

Milu is Co- Founder of the Marbella Mediterranean Properties and Gardens He is based in Marbella. His experience in property renovation and sourcing local quality materials that works with the local Marbella environment is valuable.

Milu background is in the restaurant business. As an ex- professional chef working in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Marbella and the Costa de sol region he knows about hard work, staff, customers and budgets.

An extensive knowledge of horticultural, soil regenerative solutions for the gardens in the Marbella and Costa del sol region.

With all renovation projects in the Marbella and costa del sol region its always great to work with professional passionate people who will get the job completed on time and on budget.

We Welcome the New General Municipal Development Plan of Marbella towards an Innovative and Sustainable City.

Demand for Eco homes expected to rise. With increased awareness of Climate Change and environmental issues more and more people are seeking eco-friendly alternatives in all aspects of their lives especially in their homes.

The cost savings are huge. These stems from enhanced energy efficiency through the use of renewable sources like solar panels and geothermal heating systems which significantly reduces electricity cost.

The changing priorities of luxury buyers are looking for more than just a status symbol or a luxurious retreat. They want their homes to reflect their values and lifestyle choices.

People want to align with their values and also respond to the ever lasting threat of global warming and climate change.

A Return to Tradition. Working with Local Trades using Traditional Building Methods.

Marbella and the Costa Del Sol has both model and traditional building methods both at play. This renovation project a client was working with local trades men who have a wealth of knowledge on what building materials would be best suited for the Costa de Sol climate. As the Southern edge of Europe give it an excellent climate. Summers are hot and the winters mild. However there are considerable variations due to the size of the Costa del sol region. Its mountainous character and the fact that is bordered by both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Summers can be extremely hot in the interiors, with temperatures rising to 45 C [113 F]

The weather in the costal area is moderated by the sea and offshore breezes so that neither extremes of heat nor cold are experienced, except for a few weeks in the height of summer. Our local tradesmen/woman are used to working in such climates.

Work has started to create a court yard garden which will be bird friendly and also a sanctuary for the owners. At the far end of the picture shows that the work has already started on uplifting the current bricks. These bricks will be recycled in some of the build process adding character and heritage to the build. We always work with the local workman who has the experience and knowledge to complete all works in a timely and cost effective.

Rooted in craftsmanship, using conventional materials, such as brick, stone ands timber, in a regimented process working with local skilled labour and meticulous attention to detail.

The Shower Unit build has worked with locally sourced tiles. With a new shower based unit has been created and will be tiled as the clients choice.

Local and Sustainable Materials and Local Tradesmen. The Zero Waste in our clients landscapes not only save a huge amount of money but also reduced waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill.

The stairs have been renovated encouraging local natural stone that has a low embodied energy. None of the materials for the stairs were imported.