Custom Build Homes

What is custom Build Homes?

At Marbella Mediterranean Properties and Gardens we deliver custom build homes in 3 basic routes with details that vary depending on the projects.

DIY – We build the shell home for you with a weathertight structure that is a blank shell on the inside. You buy the shell and fit out the inside by designing and finishing the fit out yourself, or with your contractors, This route is suitable for those who really want to get involved and have the time to manage a building project.

Managed – Working with our developers we enable people to design and create homes they love. We build the shell home for you and finish the fit out as well, with customable options. You pick the different finishes from a fixed price menu of different options. We build the house to your spec, style and budget. You pay use for the fully finished home. You move into your custom build Home.

Sustainable Low Energy Homes – Creating homes that are designed for life. ” many of our stressed out friends big earning 9-5pm earning big money fair weather friends delight in telling us we are not totally, absolutely, completely self sufficient. How could we ever be? Because we earn money writing about our various garden crafts and other ecological activities. However we had a flock of geese, five hives of bees, a beautiful garden and orchard, and fruitful raised bed full of organic vegetables and fruit trees. Our home is massively insulated there is a passive solarium along the sunny side of the house there is a huge solar water heater on the roof and we are just about to fit a bank of photovoltaic panels to provide some of our electricity. Our energy bills are bucking the trend by going down”. Sue and David Based in Spain.

The Developer

Sophie is a property developer in the Caribbean South Coast region. She has developed villas on land that had to be registered with the title department, obtain full planning permission, create a design that would work in an established residential area which is a 15 drive to the South coast sea. Source and work with local builders and all the various sorting and design process that goes with building a house. I have renovated many properties in the UK where have a number of properties that are now successfully let to professional people. Was a partner at Eco-Architecture and Design Studio based in Totnes Devon UK for 15 years.