Gardening Service

Our local team of gardeners who are based in Marbella and the Costa del Sol region have experience in horticulture and have full understanding that a garden is a living, breathing ecosystem. We focus our attention on creating shared spaces that encourage wildlife and biodiversity in to the garden. To have a space where you are not over looked but can enjoy the beauty that natural has to show you.

As organic gardeners we do not use any chemical products in any of our gardens and will work with clients to reduce chemicals usage in their garden, working with more alternative methods that do not harm wildlife, the environmental and eco systems.

We encourage local plants and flowers that are undervalued.

To work with clients to create a balanced ecosystem in their gardens. Encouraging insects, birds and mammals that have historically been evited from the garden or killed due to intensive chemical over usage.

To create gardens that are not sterile environments, curated solely for the pleasure of their visual merits but have the potential to be bustling, busy and beautiful homes for a host of species – fungi, animals, insects, lichens, and plants alike. This web of species that feed each other, house each other and rely on each other is delicate and easily interrupted. We can work with you to help build back the links that protect and rebuild and provide a haven for creatures, plants and many more species, some of them we aren’t even aware of yet.

We have worked with clients in both the commercial and private space. These clients are looking long term of the impact of Climate Change impact is having on there homes and business. With water restrictions in place in the height of summer. Having to buy water at a cost pushes the scale to make the changes now. The restrictions of water shortage will increase as the earth warms up.

Our rehabilitation program works with clients who find themselves in a position where there soil has been completed depleted, there is no or little food production, the wildlife have been evicted or killed off with overload of chemicals destroying the ecosystem of the soil.

We can work with clients to works out a plan to bring back the backbone into the garden. This may include radical solutions to ignite the nervous system that connects and enables other life forces to thrive in the garden. If these elements have been stripped then we would suggest a long term program would have to be put in place.

With gardens it is best to get a feel of the garden so we would suggest the the first step would be to arrange a walk around of the garden or space. We can then talks further about the how and the why.

We welcome the general Municipal Development Plan of Marbella towards an Innovative and Sustainable City.