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Puerto Banus named as the most sustainable marinas in Spain. Famous for it luxury, has been officially recognized for it’s action to save water, protect endangered marine life and promote eco-mobilty.

Puerto Banus Named the most Sustainable Marina in Spain.

Famous for it luxury. Puerto Banus has been officially recognized for its actions to save water, protect endangered marine life and promote eco-mobility. Puerto Banus was deemed the most outstanding marina for its achievements in direct conservation of endangered species of marina biodiversity such as Ferruginaou Limpet or the existence of other aquatics mammals showing progress in achieving all UN sustainable development goals. Environmental actions planned are reforesting part of an urban forest within Sierra de mijas.

In terms of environmental responsibility, ambitious Puerto Banus has proposed to work diligently to become one of the best ports in the world. They aim to “change habits and incorporate additional measures that allow preserving the facilities and environment, using the best technologies and innovative solutions. Puerto Banus has started a Strategic Plan to become a Sustainable Marina, concentrating equally on the economic and sustainable development, social equity and environmental protection”.

Puerto Banus has signed an agreement to offer an exclusive range of zero-emissions vessels, eco-friendly yachts and catamarans to protect the oceans and biodiversity. This will turn the luxury port into the first distributor of electric yachts in Southern Spain. This summer, another Puerto Banus beach has received the Blue Flag of eco-excellence. Also, the port uses solar energy to generate photovoltaic energy for public lighting. Moreover, its shops and boutiques are beginning to sell eco-friendly goods, and up to 10% of each purchase goes towards sea preservation.



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